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I call bullshit. Why would you show 9 minutes 6 months or so out?
Paramount Picture's official press release says differently.

Why 9 minutes? Why not a proper trailer?

Nah, not digging this at all and not digging having to pay to see The Hobbit either, can't stand Jackson or this folksy shite.
One thing that you should understand is that "Star Trek Into Darkness" is also being released in IMAX3D. The Hobbit is the only HUGE film coming out soon in the same compatible format. Therefore....
OBVIOUSLY the IMAX3D chains want people to come back to experience their theater and their experience.
OBVIOUSLY Paramount wants to showcase how their film will look and sound in said format, so in what other way are they going to showcase their IMAX3D film?!?
OBVIOUSLY there is going to be a regular trailer released at some point.

There is absolutely *nothing* that you can use as an argument against it as one IMAX3D film is being promoted in front of another IMAX3D film. It's, with all due respect, absolutely insanely foolish to argue otherwise.
I said weeks ago, on this forum, that this movie would be promoted in association with another 3D movie so take the supercilious tone and try it with someone else, I'll not bite. What I don't buy 9 minutes of out of context footage not presented as a trailer.

OBVIOUSLY you do, OBVIOUSLY I wish you all the luck in the world, I think you'll find I can start an argument about anything, with anyone, if I'm in the mood Sheldon.
OK in simpler terms the reason why a longer look as opposed to a bunch of scenes cut together into a trailer is that full scenes were filmed in the iMax format (not the whole movie, kind of like what happened with 2nd Batman movie, the last mission impossible).

THose Imax theaters want to highlight what looks great on their screens. Which means the parts specifically shot for Imax.

So they will probably play one full sequence.

A trailer or teaser will have bits and pieces (usually) of a lot of different segments of the film, and the likely hood of those all being the parts shot specifically for Imax is very small.
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