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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

177. La Haine (A)
178. Throw Mama From the Train (C+)
179. Horrible Bosses (B)
180 Skyfall (B+)

La Haine: The worst thing that can be said about this film is that it brought Mathieu Kassovitz to Hollywood's attention. Unlike the two awful films he directed for Hollywood studios, however, this film is masterful. Great direction, script, performances, camerawork, and editing.

Throw Mama From the Train: A passable comedic version of Strangers on a Train. Danny Devito's man-child character is probably the draw here; Billy Crystal is mostly just there. A pre-Star Trek Kate Mulgrew is good as his horrible ex-wife, though.

Horrible Bosses: For my money, this is still a very funny movie, and a better comedic take on Strangers on a Train than the above film. The extended version is nothing but improvised padding, though -- I'll stick with the theatrical version whenever I decide to revisit this.

Skyfall: It's a shame all the praise of this movie has taken the form of dog-piling on Daniel Craig's previous two Bond films. This is a very satisfying action movie, with a terrific climax, but I still prefer Craig's debut, and am disappointed that the Quantum plot line was dropped from those earlier films. The film also represents a bit of a return to formula; the villains plans in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace were over-the-top, but believable. Here, Javier Bardem is a solid villain but his threat of cyber-terrorism is pure fantasy (apparently, everything -- from cell doors to heating units -- is hooked up to the MI6 computer).

Theatres: 59+1
Home Video: 110+3
Computer: 10
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