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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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CBS didn't do the work on Season 2, it was HTV-Illuminate and from what was said during the CBS interviews on Trekcore, CBS-Digital and HTV-Illuminate worked completely separate from each other, nobody from CBS worked with them to assure the quality matched Season 1. Unacceptable.
Pretty sure the Okudas were said to be overseeing both teams. And, again, they've got one of the senior FX guys who actually worked on the show.

Just as with any two FX teams, there's going to be a slight difference in quality. But to suggest that the work here is just miles apart from the quality of S1 is just silly. I know we Trek fans are as nitpicky as they come, but let's get some perspective here.
I think that is the problem (or if you like the difference).

With TNG you could easily notice the change episode to episode between the alternating team of LEgato and Curry. But with Curry being the consultant for the full season, you aren't seeing a change from one episode to another, but a full seasons change.

And to me when they aired it was a glaring change in style (and in my opinion because I like the richer/sharper style of Legato), and quality.

The only real issue that bothers me here is that that softer, flatter lightening style is now going to be on episodes that Legato had done. It will seem fine for the episodes that Curry had originally overseen.
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