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Re: Nut-allergic child's mom demands oak trees be removed from schooly

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My adult son went to school with someone who was so allergic to nuts that she couldn't go to someone's house because they had a chestnut tree in the yard and she would react to it. So it is possible for someone to be sensitive enough that they couldn't be near that tree. I can't imagine how they get through the day
It's perfectly acceptable to remove a tree from one's own property if a child is allergic to it. It's nonsense to remove them from public areas because a child is allergic to it.
The other thing is that—while tree nuts, peanuts, etc. do present a serious and potentially fatal risk to those who are allergic—acorns and oaks are so distantly related to nearly all other food nuts as to be a separate issue. Some people may indeed be allergic to acorns, but they're most likely a different group altogether from the people who are allergic to peanuts and other common food nuts.
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