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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Ok two key points and they are kind of connected.

First episode to episode the effects work of TNG looked dramatically different. This was due to the different style used by Rob Legato and Dan Curry.

I could always tells who had been in charge of that episode by the first new ship shot.

So the fact that there isn't a standard look between all episodes doesn't surprise me because that never was the artist work done between the two different effects producers.

Legato's work was always crispier, with a much richer color spectrum, including blacks.

Curry always had flatter color ranges, almost no solid blacks (a lot of gray) and was much softer focused.

You can check out numerous episodes to see the huge difference this made.

This work, really ,really looks like it was produced by Dan Curry. I mean its just screams it to me.

So my question is how much influence did Dan have on this f/x team. He was the consulting for this other company, and I originally joked about how I feared the material would look different.

Now I am really curious if this is the f/x companies work, or if its due to Curry being the person who is telling them what the shots should look like.

If anyone gets the chance to ask about it, I would really like to know as I really think this is Curry's influence. It just looks style wise way to similar to his work, for it to be a coincidence.
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