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Looking for Avatar Help? Check here!

So you want an avatar? But don't know where to host it? Or how to make one so it doesn't violate the BBS rules?

Here are some handy Avatar hints compiled by me and BlazerBoy.
Remember that you must have 100 posts before you can use an avatar!


As the size of your image is restricted, you'll probably need to crop the image you want to use as your avatar or even convert it to a smaller file type.

There is loads of popular image editing software out there, but if you're stuck and on a windows OS, here are two to try:

Irfranview this is a fantastic fast image viewer, but it lets you crop and convert images too. It's also freeware and an 821.5KB download size.

If you fancy something a bit more advanced that lets you create your own images, try Paint Shop Pro. You can download an evaluation version from the page I just linked to. It's quite large though - almost 60 megabytes.

Hosting Your Avatar

The BBS doesn't let you upload your avatar to our server, for to security reasons and bandwidth worries. So you need to find some web space to host it on.

Most popular free web providers like Geocities, Tripod, Lycos, Bravenet, Freeservers, and Boomspeed among others won't let you remotely link to images - in other words, they won't let an image from their web space show up on some other web page that isn't on their web space: like on our BBS as your avatar. Don't even bother trying to get your avatar hosted there.

Not all is lost though, you can still find places to host your BBS avatar with a minimum of fuss.

Your ISP Most ISP accounts come with an allocation of free web space. This is by far the best place to host your images. Check the details of your agreement with them, or their home page for details of how to use that.

Hypermart, Netfirms, or Virtual Avenue. Same type of thing at each one. Read the user agreement carefully: they may terminate your account without notice for various reasons, but all 3 let you hotlink your images.

Suggestions for more, without bandwidth limits, gratefully accepted.

Ask A Friend

Some nice BBS-ers have web space to spare and are willing to host avatars for people if they get in touch. Try emailling these people and they might be willing to help.
Email Harkley, or OmahaStar at or TimeofNine at and ask nicely. If anyone out there is reading this and wants to be added to this volunteer list, get in touch with me or BB and we can add you. PMs are good.

If you've got an avatar question that isn't answered here, ask in this forum. It's what it's here for!

Of course, you have read the FAQ for its Avatar entries first, haven't you?
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