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Re: Nut-allergic child's mom demands oak trees be removed from schooly

I would guess that the most important part of learning to deal with an allergy is to take charge of what you can and can't do at the earliest possible age - by now, I imagine the child should know they can't tolerate nuts and be avoiding them anyway. Preventing the child from taking control of their own health by instead demanding that anything potentially dangerous be removed entirely from their environment seems diminishing to me, like you're robbing them of the most empowering way of dealing with their health concerns. I understand wanting to keep an environment free of things that are dangerous to a child, but if the things that are dangerous to them are common and unavoidable, I don't think you're doing the child a favour by trying to alter reality rather than helping the child adapt themselves to that reality. The child needs to be able to take charge of themselves regarding their exposure to nuts, not be taught that the only way to deal with the allergy is to shut themselves off from any situation where nuts might be present in some capacity.
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