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Re: Best Place To Which You've Ever Traveled

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London. [...] I wish I could go back, but I doubt that will ever happen again.
London is a very unusual city. People either hate it or love it. Nobody seems to be indifferent. I felt at home there immediately and go there every few years to meet with friends, buy tea and just enjoy the atmosphere.
Don't give up hope, Auntie! Maybe we can go there together one day It'd be fun! I imagine it a bit like Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax visiting London

Favourite place visited yet: Cardiff. Not a pretty city, not a special city but the nicest people you can imagine, best fish 'n chips in GB, incredibly handsome and charming men and the city is radiating life. Sorry, I just can't put it any better. The contrast is especially big if you visit London first. Where London is serene and has a victorian livingroom feel, Cardiff feels almost like a living being. It vibrates. Somehow the Welsh managed to integrate their whole history from Celtic roots to Roman invaders to British Empire into a very modern city without losing any of the energy.
It's a good place to recharge your batteries when you feel all worn out.

Important word to learn beforehand: Diolch! (Thank you). You'll need that a lot. You say it to the bus driver when he drops you at your stop, you say it to the waitress who brings your lunch, to the guy at the counter in the supermarket, to the gentleman who holds the museum door open for you - the Welsh are a polite people and proud of their native language. You are not expected to speak Welsh, but if you know and use that one word, you'll immediately be adopted into their community.

Btw, have a look at the Cardiff Museum when you are in the vicinity - the prehistorical exhibition is by far the best I've ever seen! Absolutely awesome!
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