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Re: Best Place To Which You've Ever Traveled

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I don't get to travel much, so when I do, I am usually amazed by just about anywhere. Still, the greatest place I've ever visited was Chicago. Aside from brief forays in Cincinnati on the way to the interstate, I have never actually traveled to a major city.

I have so many wonderful memories attached to Chicago, due mostly to the Star Trek convention I was attending there. Meeting celebrities, making new friends, trying out the local cuisine (Giordanos FTW!), dancing, drinking, and just being in one of the greatest places in the U.S.

Finally, being in my hotel room, standing in front of the wide plate glass window at dusk, and staring at the Chicago skyline. For a boy who comes from a town of 8,000 people, it was sublime. It was freedom. I'll never forget it.
I'm still in love with Chicago. I might go back sometime in the future.

It's really difficult for me to choose, but I'd say India in general, and Rajasthan specifically. There was something interesting and beautiful everywhere I looked, but mixed in with poverty like aloof India. The history and culture is breathtaking. India in general has always been amazing for me, just because of the mixture and contrasts if nothing else.

Oh, and many people are so nice and happy, even when they have what we would consider to be nothing.
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