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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

It seems Rya'c is fully brainwashed at this point. Shooting your child in order to try and rid him of a Jaffa is an emotional moment.
Well, they could've had Dr. Frasier do electro-shock therapy in a controlled environment, but as an alien carrying a larval Goa'uld symbiote, Tea'lc can't get health insurance because he's got a pre-existing condition, and his family just arrived and hadn't needed coverage yet. The health plan Tea'lc had under Aphophis expired 30 days after he turned sho'va, and of course as a cost-cutting measure the Goa'uld had convinced the jaffa that it's better to die in battle than become disabled.

So Tea'lc had to use a zat, only one step away from cauterizing a wound with a staff blast because he can't afford Neosporin.

Anyway, "Secrets" was a good episode, and I believe it marks the first appearance of Michael Shanks' daugher in the series, appearing as a fetus. Mom is the actresss playing Sha're. Does IMDB credit that?

When you say you expected a "Clintonian type actor" to play the President, I hope it doesn't refer to actors who grope their co-stars.

The series does feature quite a few real Washington folks, including General John Jumper, Secretary of the Air Force, and perhaps another Secretary of the Air Force, sometimes in key scenes set in the SGC or the Oval Office.

Back in the 1960's Ernest Borgnine was called to Washington by the Secretary of the Navy, and he says he was nervous as could be because he had no idea what it was about. The Secretary told him that about 30% of new recruits were looking to join McHale's Navy, and this his show was having a tremendous impact. I think Stargate SG-1 had the same effect.
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