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Re: World Of Warcraft?

I came back to play MoP after a long absence. I have leveled my Mining, Skinning, Fishing, First Aid and Archaeology to the 600 maximum points.

I am 8 points away from the maximum 600 points in Cooking. Leveling Cooking is tough because in MoP, they have divided Cooking into 6 branches and you need to level all 6 branches in order to level your overall cooking. I am currently relying on my daily cooking quests to help level my points in cooking to 600.

I don't really raid anymore because there are a lot of jerks and bad PUGs.The friends that i had are mostly gone from the game or transferred to other servers. I just play the game now to reduce work related stress. Once i get bored, i will quit the game and wait for the next expansion. I did the same thing when Cataclysm came out.

My Main Character is a Tauren Druid and druids are so fun to play.

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