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Re: Supernatural 8x7 "A Little Slice of Kevin" spoiler discussion thre

I liked this episode a whole lot! I think IMO, at least for me, this is the best episode of this season so far, finally it looks like this season is going uphill and going somewhere. I feel like it is headed toward something for the first time this season.

Loved seeing Cas back, and oh my, Sam (from Stargate)! Good to see her back on TV, and as a new faction of Angel? I wonder if she's an Arch Angel or something different? She said they used an "incursion of angels" to rescue Cas, so sounds like a lot of Angels were sent, regular ones, and some lost their lives. Is she working for God? Is that God's secretary? Was that God's office? So many possibilities, I can't wait to see where that leads!

As for the next episode, it looks like Supernatural is back in good form and going to give us a humor episode this season, Cas trying to be a hunter lmao, that "Bad Cop" deal, seems hilarious, cannot wait!

Things are looking good for this season finally, it has been dragging on, until now IMO.

Oh, and the witch was cute
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