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Re: Would a black slaver or a concentration camp chief be controversia

Someone's gotta do it.

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In A sci fi setting of course. Let's say the director does not want to portrayblack people negativly he just cannot imagine anyone other then Ving Rhames/Samuel L. Jackson/Tony Todd in the role.
Would there be a controversy?

By slaver i don't mean someone who enslaves humans.
Sure. I've had similar ideas myself. I would have loved to seen a 60s satire/commentary on the way Blacks/minorities were treated in the 50s and 60s by having our heroes discover a humanoid settled world with the exact opposite racial demographics and political/socio-economic structure. Black people are the majority and oppressing the whites.

I'm sure that would have gone over like a Led Zeppelin.

One of the things I noticed and appreciated greatly about ERB's John Carter of Mars series were that the Good Guys were Red, Yellow and Black (and Green) and the Bad Guys were White.
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