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Re: One Recommendation

You, every one of you, has the power to give yourself years of extra life lived. This is a very simple recommendation which has an enormous payout to those who can shake off the grips of societal expectation.

We all know that a person spends between one and a half and three years on the toilet in an average lifetime. This is completely unfair but there is nothing to be done about it and this recommendation is not going to be about using a transporter to remove waste from your body to save time. Because there are MANY MANY more things that if someone presented you with a list of on your death bed you would weep to read and it's time we got real and got our minutes and hours and months and years back from this bullshit.

Making your bed or anyone else's bed
: Seriously this is pointless. Remember when you said "but mom I'm only going to mess it up again when I get in at night"? You were right. And before you say you like to get into a tight bed, well you can do that quickass as you get into bed without all the cosmetic smoothing of coverlets that you will be getting no comfort benefits from in the dark.

Cracking eggs in a separate bowl individually in case one is off
: So you spend how many days of your life if you're a regular baker washing out that extra bowl? And how many times was an egg off, not even once a year. Maybe not even once every five years. Okay so maybe ONCE in your entire life you destroyed a cake because you dumped an off smelling egg into it and you had to throw the whole thing out, isn't this worth the days of your life you got back when you threw your hyper-vigilance out the window?

Ironing: This is the most obvious thing in the world and yet still people are willing to spend YEARS of their life being smooth. Unless you need an item ironed because of work place requirements don't do it. PLEASE don't do it. If the entire planet stopped ironing EVERYTHING tomorrow in one hundred years we would be at least fifteen years ahead of our current development trajectory in all fields and endeavors. That is how devastating this completely retarded habit has been to humanity.

I think you get the picture here. I haven't done any of these things in years and I know that when I die I will have a lot more books read and posts posted because of this. I could also include things like: washing, vacuuming and polishing cars, pumicing any part of your body, returning phone calls, and washing already washed potatoes.

This is just scratching the surface, you could easily come up with ten times more activities that could be dispensed with.

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