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Re: Babylon 5, did someone have a vendetta against the series?

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^Well, a better comparison might be the archiving policies of the BBC in the 1970s, which is why a bunch of old episodes of Doctor Who, The Avengers, & other shows of that era no longer exist. With Doctor Who, even the episodes that do still exist, none of the original master tapes from the 1st 8 seasons exist anymore. All we have now are black & white film prints shot with a telecine machine, fan made off-air color video recordings, and some high quality American tapes that still need to be back-converted from NTSC back into PAL (which still yielded some pretty poor converted images until a few years ago when they were finally able to use computers to adjust the color and diminish the extra motion-blur).
This happened to He-Man & She-Ra. The entity that bought up the rights destroyed the NTSC copies of it. What's on DVDs on air on Qubo is episodes that went from NTSC to PAL back to NTSC, which is why the quality is so degraded. People with old VHS tapes might have better quality copies than the official copies. That should be a crime, to destroy master copies of tv episodes or movies.
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