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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

2x7-Message in a Bottle: Probably the first episode I didn't find much to like. Probably doesn't hurt it comes after Thor's Chariot so the pendulum swing seemed greater imo. Felt like bottle show too much.

2x8-Family: Another return to Teal'c's family. This time with his son Rya'c being under Apophosis control. It seems Rya'c is fully brainwashed at this point. Shooting your child in order to try and rid him of a Jaffa is an emotional moment. Teal'c having a family moment was great to see since he's always so stoic. I doubt for some reason Rya'c is fully cured though. It seemed too easy the way it was done.

2x9-Secrets: Felt like a bottle show as well but this one actually injected a new sub plot into things. A traitor or leak is out there giving details to a media source about the Stargate program. Jack and Sam are going to be presented with awards by the President and I kept hoping for a Clintonian type actor to play as President but the story took us elsewhere. Carter's dad has cancer and I'm guessing that storyline is revisited down the line. Also this episode kinda carries over the "family" theme cause Jackson and Teal'c return to Abydos where it's revealed Sharay is pregnant and her Gou'ald has "gone to sleep" to allow for a healthy birth. I won't recap more but I am curious to find out how Sharay's story moves forward and if they find out who killed the reporter that had the Stargate info.
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