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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

129. Funny Face (C+)

Another Audrey Hepburn feature, in vibrant technicolour this time. The technicolour is the best part, really. Funny Face contrasts poorly with the earlier projects of all involved, notably Hepburn and director Stanley Donen. The film practically orgasms with colour location footage from Paris, akin to what William Wyler did with Roman Holiday, but it's not used anywhere near as well. There's no chemistry between Hepburn and Fred Astaire, who's about twice her age and looks it (despite his admittedly still fancy footwork), and it's hard to overlook the condescending sexist element in their interactions. It's not without strengths: Hepburn is winning as ever, there's a decent amount of good humour and beautiful imagery, and Donen knows how to choreograph a dance number (although they're sadly unsupported by memorable music).

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