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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Vektor graciously suggested that I post progress images of the model conversion here as I go. I'll do that as I have the opportunity, with a couple of caveats.

Vektor sets a very high standard as far as working renders go - his images are beautiful - and he's an expert at lighting. What I'll post are pretty much quick renders I make of various angles on the model for my own reference as I work.

The model was exported to an OBJ, which LightWave imports with a single surface, the LW default, which is the unsmoothed light grey that you see on most of the model here. All surface/texture information is lost. I've approximated some of the materials that Vektor had applied, again for reference.

The basic conversion is about 20 percent complete at this point. Vektor's mesh is so well organized, including meaningful object/part names and so the process is pretty straightforward and fun. I haven't started trying to refine the surface settings or apply any texture maps, yet.

So with all of that said:

BTW, the rendering and animation for the show is being done by Neo F/X, so my severe limits as a CG artist shouldn't be of any concern.
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