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Here's what was waiting for me in my stall when I went to pick up my rental car this week. I've got some highway driving this evening. I think I could get in trouble with this vehicle.

I had one of those as a rental in NY over the summer. It looks good, and that's a ton of horsepower out of a V6. But, man the windshield is awful to look though, and the doors are too long to open in some parking places.
It did get up move when I got it on the highway, I had to break down and engage the cruise control because i had problems keeping it under 95.

I wish it didn't have a sunroof, being 6'4", it was a tight fit.

But it was fun to drive. I felt bad turning it in today. When I returned it, he asked if I had any problems with it and I told him that at 125mph there was a nasty wobble in he left front tire. After he picked his jaw up of the floor, I told him that I was just kidding.
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