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Re: John Simm wants to be the Master again

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I dunno, it seems it would take something quite unusual to happen to allow the Master to return and not the other Timelords. And after what he discovered about his past, would he want to go back to his old universe ruling self?

But damn the story logic. I wouldn't mind seeing him back.
That's kinda where I am. I thought Simm did OK with the character, although I would have liked for him to tone it down a bit. (Hell, I often wanted Tennant to tone it down a bit too.) But at the same time, I feel like it would need to be a REALLY good story for it to be worthwhile to do whatever would need to be done to negate the end of "The End of Time."

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The last time he came back from the abyss it was explained away by the line "the timelords resurrected me". That's it. That's all anyone needed.
Hell, even in the classic era whenever it seemed the Master died and he came back it was rarely dwelled on. Usually we just had dialogue like:

Doctor: "I thought you died when [reference to the Master's previous appearance]."
Master: "Obviously not."
Well we never did learn how he survived Planet Of Fire.
I like one theory that it was during his imminent death in "Planet of Fire" that the Time Lords took the Master out of time and recruited him to rescue the Doctor in "The Five Doctors." So, from the Master's perspective, "Planet of Fire" comes before "The Five Doctors," even though it came after it from the Doctor's perspective.

Although, I really loved the handwave from "The Mark of the Rani," when the Master just says, "I'm indestructible. The whole universe knows that." There was this casual charm to Ainley's portrayal (along with a much more devil-may-care attitude towards continuity) that made the Master's unexplained resurrections palatable in those days.

Nowadays, the Time Lock & "The End of Time" are such important parts of continuity that it's a lot harder to undo that sort of thing without a good reason. And the character was also left in such a different place emotionally.

If they were to pull it off at all, I think we would probably need the disconnect of a new actor. (Perhaps test the waters with a female Master. "So, wouldn't that make you 'the Mistress'?" "Too S&M." "Since when were you opposed to sadism?")
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