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Re: The 13th Doctor's era

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That was during that Valeyard special series between the 12th and 13th. Personally, I think they only did that because they got away with the lesbian subtext between River and the 12th Doctor.
And yet again, the male homoeroticism got a VERY graphic depiction (albeit in a pre-watershed hour sort of way) while the lesbian elements were mostly implied. It's just like Torchwood all over again. Jack & Angelo got pretty graphic in "Immortal Sins" but we only got a little bit of kissing between Tosh & Mary in "Greeks Bearing Gifts."

Ahhhh, remember Torchwood? Man, I feel old?

I have heard rumors that they might bring Torchwood back but that's only if Barrowman can work out his schedule between Fantastic Four movies.
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