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Re: Vulcan telepathy: unused potential

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If I remember correctly, Vulcans are touch telepaths, so your idea wouldn't work with them. Like the others said, it might work with Betazoids. Not with Troi, though. She was only half Betazoid and was an empath, not a telepath.

Spock made telepathic contact without touch in Omega Glory, I believe. That was the only depiction of such.

Wait. There were 2 more distance telepathic moments. In All Our Yesterdays Spock's actions and emotions when he's in Sarpedon's past were influenced by the savage nature of pre-Sarek Vulcan. It was as if he could mentally sense all of Vulcan on some remote level, and this influenced his actions.

In Operation Annihilate, Spock could sense the death of the Intrepid over a vast interstellar distance.
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