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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

I haven't read through the thread, so maybe some people felt the same way...

I was disappointed. Goldeneye (a spy betrayed) and The World Is Not Enough (Let's get M) and a pinch of Burn Notice (When you're a spy and you're in a house surrounded by a larger force...).

And then... if Silva wanted to kill M, why didn't he just go to her house and blow it up? Or go inside and stab her? Or if humiliation was required, just continue to reveal names and once she was denounced publicly go to her house and kill her. It would've been MUCH easier, and smarter to go that route than this utterly elaborate plan (yes, I know, he's crazy, blah blah blah) to get captured and some how know WHEN they would go through his computer and having the FORESIGHT to know where she would HAPPEN to be testifying.


The weird thing is: the cast is GREAT, AMAZING. The movie LOOKS BEAUTIFUL.

But the "story" is stupid. And only makes sense if Silva is stupid or SOOOO CRAZY he can't think logically... yet we see that he does... so....

Just... disappointing.
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