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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Uncanny Avengers is on a horribly delayed schedule now. Suckage.
I've already decided to drop it for this very reason.

Quick thoughts for the week-- both Fantastic Four and All-New X-Men had solid starts, but neither really got the ball rolling story-wise, mostly just setting things up.

I was disappointed that we won't get to see the O5's reaction to the present day until next issue, but decompression shouldn't surprise me in a Bendis book. I wasn't going to buy FF, but it seems that the first arcs of Fantastic Four and FF will be intertwining, so it looks like I'm in for the first arc of FF as well.

The final arc of New Avengers has had a different artist in each issue, and all I can say about this issue is---WTF?
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