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Re: Would a black slaver or a concentration camp chief be controversia

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btw a SW friend told me that Lucas invented the name Leia though obviously there are differently spelled names with similar sounds. Looking at this site though it suddenly appears in 1977
Since this thread is way off the rails, allow me to push it further. I saw a episode of I Shouldn't Be Alive which told the true story of a father who crashed his snowmobile in the woods in the middle of winter, broke his leg and it was up to his preteen daughter to rescue him before he froze.

Kicker was his daughter was named "Leia," spelled that way, and all I could think was, "dude, you better hope she's not bitter."

PS, the guy had a full on Mark Hamill hairdo from the 70s even though the interview was from just a few years ago.
It's a great name. Other than the "lay" part which would get you mercilessly mocked for at least seven years. But if you could survive that it's a name to be proud of.
Leia Organa.

lay (your/my/this) organ.

Sound like a directive to flop out your member as much as laying pipe.

I don't think George was getting much before Star Wars made it's first few million.
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