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I’ve only just read the first 3 books so I cant comment on the relaunch’s overall quality but so far I’ve found the books to be ok but not great. The new characters are great and a more than worthy additions to the ds9 cast and most of the regulars have been handled well. The story concepts are also good , they feel like ds9 plots and are doing a good job of picking up the loose ends from the show. However I’ve found the style of writing to be a major drawback for me so far. Avatar was split into far to many chapters for such a short book for my liking, it felt like anytime anyone walked in or out of a room a new chapter would begin, as a result I felt like the book had no flow. And I have to ask why on earth was Avatar split in two? It very much felt like one book which made the plot recaps in book two very annoying short and few though they were. Abyss was better but I swear to god if I saw the phrase “(insert character name) thought about saying” one more time I was going to start pulling my hair out, at one point it felt like it was popping up on every page.
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