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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

So if 99.9% of a states population voted by some democratic means say a referrendum to secede that would strike at the heart of democracy?

What these petitions mount to are sour grapes that the side you don't support won. Well guess what that happens sometimes in a democarcy.

Which means the next question is why did the side I support lose?

One of the best places for a political party to occupt is the centre groud. I.e they are centre-right, centre or centre-left on the poltical axis. The benefits of this position is that you you should in theory have broad appeal. To far to the right or the left means that you narrow your appeal to voters. Many political parties around the world have politicans within them that are more to the right or left than the majority of the party. Though what can happen from time to time the moderates in the party become outnumbered by the people who lean more to the right or left, if they start to dominate policy it can have an adverse affect.
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