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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise

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Comparing the Augments in Enterprise to the Jack Pack isn't exactly fair. Of course the Jack Pack got more individual attention, there were only four of them and they could do that. In Enterprise there were a couple dozen, so naturally they focused on the ringleaders. Spending time to focus on those background augments really would just distract from the story arc.
The Space Seed augments are of the same era and augment project so they are much more comparable. The Jack Pack is hundreds of years later, failed backstreet augmentation that parents thought was going to improve their kids. The Space Seed augments didn't all stand out either and they followed their leader with a greater pack goal in mind which is what the ENT augments were struggling to do. They were handicapped by being much younger and having been abandoned early on but you could see they would have been a powerful squadron of augments had they had the training that the Space Seed augments clearly had had prior to going into stasis.

I think we had quite a few ENT augments being showcased, it's not like any group of people has all of them up front with individual stories.

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