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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise

Comparing the Augments in Enterprise to the Jack Pack isn't exactly fair. Of course the Jack Pack got more individual attention, there were only four of them and they could do that. In Enterprise there were a couple dozen, so naturally they focused on the ringleaders. Spending time to focus on those background augments really would just distract from the story arc.

I'll agree with teacake about Persis being a tragic character. Nice to see that at least one of them had the capacity to be decent. And really the way she was murdered was brutally personal there. Never did understand why they all wore those torn clothes like they were uniforms, even if in the case of Persis it looked quite nice. You'd think genetically enhanced superhumans could figure out how to patch a hole if clothes were in short supply.

To the Forge? The whole story dragged, but finally got interesting enough in the end to keep you wondering what will happen next. Admiral Forrest dying kinda sucked. He was one of the few Admirals in Trek who wasn't a complete jerk. Really though, the story is dedicated to curing Evil Vulcan Syndrome.
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