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Hmm...that doesn't answer the question if there is one that identifies Sickbay being on Deck 7.
Then no - Sickbay is never identified as being on Deck 7, sorry!

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"...the change in corridors mean that Kirk has moved quarters yet again! OK, so it's not the last time it ever happens, but it is the 3rd time in 9 episodes and only the 6th appearance!"
Sorry, you got me confused...[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I was trying to type fast as I was in work. I also run by Production Number, since it is the only real way to track the on-set changes. OK, here goes:

WNMHGB does not feature Kirk's cabin (although an early draft did! It was a cost saving measure that relocated the chess game to Briefing Lounge. I wonder what Kirk's cabin would have looked like if it was shown?)

Corbomite, Mudd, Enemy could all be the same cabin that Kirk uses, which we can infer from Mudd is on Deck 12.

Mantrap, N-Time do not feature Kirk's cabin at all.

Charlie-X, B.O.T. show the cabin but only the interiors, adding nothing new to the location.

Little Girls features the new cabin's location that is adjacent to the Jefferies Tube.
OK, so I was a bit excessive in saying this was Kirk's third cabin. But I was missing my vital notebook!

The next real appearance is in Conscience, which really could be anywhere (although conveniently near a "pressure vent disposal" shute).

In Season 2 Amok Time features the cabin from the inside, but it's not until Mirror Mirror that we get verbal confirmation of its location - "Deck 5" according to Evilchekov. And this must be a new location, as it features a new corridor alongside the bedroom door (a feature of many season 2 sets). This may or may not be the same cabin that we see in the beginning of Babel.

I could go on, but I think I've strayed enough already!!!
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