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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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On another note, do any of you watch video games as (and I hate the word) eSports? I find myself tuning into a few Starcraft 2 tournaments here and there.
I enjoy watching StarCraft 2 quite a bit. I even went to the NASL finals in Toronto a few months ago to see it live. I find myself watching the game even more than I play it these days.

Yeah, I don't play it at all (only ever did for a short while) but enjoy watching it a lot. It's one of those games where the fun strategic elements only really emerge when players have superb core mechanics & basic macro, such that the strategy & micro can come into play. I'm simply not good enough at the basics - and not willing to put in the time to get good enough - to get up to even a moderately decent level of play. I'm a much more casual type of game player, and tend to prefer playing games that make me laugh.

Re: NASL Toronto; IIRC, that was the tournament where Stephano kicked playboy model Lauren Elise in the face during his victory dance.

WCS finals this week should be decent, but Dreamhack Winter will probably be more fun, I think. Some of the groups are nuts.

I wish Blizzard (or someone independent) would put together a proper World Starcraft Pro Tour, the way the ATP or PGA do for tennis or golf. All the separate organisations would still exist but would be part of a wider, more meaningful series of tournaments. That would really raise the profile of the game and create more of an ongoing storyline to each year with the associated hype and interest.
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