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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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I want Star Trek to be what it originally was: Idea-driven morality plays and social allegories, stories about the Human condition aimed at grown-ups.
How old were you when you first watched Star Trek?

Because it's very much in that sense it's a family show.
I was eight. As I said, it can be family friendly or not (as long as it's not like Terra Nova or something). They can do an R-rated version on Showtime for all I care, as long as it meets those criteria.

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Worse than in vain, counterproductive. The only way Star Trek will get back on TV is for CBS to be so overawed by the stunning success of the movies that it overrides all the huge obstacles a TV show faces. If you really want a new TV show, start telling everyone that they should go see the next movie about 20 times and tell everyone they know to do likewise.
Then we'll just get more mindless explosion Trek.

Maybe if CBS decides to put it on Showtime or partner with Netflix. But they could just as easily opt for the CW or an animated series on The Cartoon Network. What form a new series would take would be determined by the audience where it is placed.
Showtime, Netflex, Direct-To-DVD-- all good. CW and Cartoon Network, not so much.

Space sounds like it could be fantastic.
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