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Re: Visual continuity/Same future, different eyes

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TMP was a soft restart to the series- not a re-imagining as JJ put his version.
That's true -- but TNG, as Roddenberry saw it, was somewhere in between. Later producers married the TNG era more tightly to TOS/TAS continuity, but if Roddenberry had stayed in charge, it probably would've continued to disregard or diverge from TOS canon. And if, somehow, he were alive and fit today and asked to reinvent the original series with new actors and a new continuity, I really don't think he'd have a problem with that.

I think that as a rule, the creator of a given fictional universe will be less reluctant to see it changed or reimagined than its fans will. After all, the fans look back on the shows and movies they love and don't want to change a thing -- but when creators look back on our older creations, all we see are the flaws and the things we think we could do better now.
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