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Re: Movie Caption Contest #226: Talking Points

Picard: "Look at all the Borg! And we have laser guns! Oh man, this is gonna be so cool."

Worf: "This gonna take long? I have more exciting things to do back on DS9."

Picard: "You know, lately, you've just been taking the fun out of everything."

Joachibmebawhatever: "But we're all hungry."

Khan: "No! Revenge is a hungry beast! She must not be fed with anything but her prey! He tasks me! He tasks me! Around the moons of Revengia, I seethe at thee! Beyond the Belt of Arnes, I seethe harder at thee! Kirk, Kirk, my old friend, I shall have you! Revenge! Revenge is a meager dish, but a rich one!"

Joachibmebawhatever: "No, seriously. I think my stomach is eating itself."

Riker: "Mr. Data... my head is not a feather duster."
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