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Re: National Novel Writing Month

I decided to begin writing the first draft of my novel, on the reasoning that I had nothing to lose by just diving in and working it out as I go. I've done enough planning to know the basics of what I'm aiming for, and I don't want to lock myself into too rigid a plan in case the story starts developing in other directions and I lose my creative flow by trying to tug it back onto the original frame. I'm pleased to say I've gotten past my initial block and written the prologue chapter (about 2,000 words) as well as the opening paragraphs of the first regular chapter. I wasn't sure how to begin - I knew the scenes I wanted to write and the purpose of each, but couldn't decide how to open. Now, though, I'm off and running, though it will take long, long past the end of November for this to be finished. Still, a good night's work.
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