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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Just seems shocking that a whole new season launch is going over with this big a thud. No excitement, angry players, not even a splashscreen on the loader announcing the damn thing happened. (Still trying to sell us DOFF packs instead. Important, as they just made getting them in-game more expensive so that we'd buy these for cash). Only positive in a sea of negative changes is I guess we got a pretty new map to grind on. Same repetitive missions, rep system, another resource sink in the embassy to have to do MORE grinding on, but hey, it's new content, right? Right?
yes, thats what happens when you take western high value IP property and hand it over to asian grindfest developers. This is becoming eastern grindgame / chest opener with every patch they provide. It is kind of hard to be excited about that.
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