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Re: Minbari vs. Klingon

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I'd go with the Minbari as the victors. I think it's because the Minbari have greater discipline.
Completely agree with you Nasat. Klingons boast to be warriors who follow the code of honor. When in reality, to Worf's displeasure, its quite the opposite.

Minbari's Warrior Caste completely dedicate themselves to the Way of the Warrior. Not as a job, but as a state of being or religion. They hone their skills on a daily basis, even as a turret gunner, by themselves and part of a team. Plus, Minbari's civilization is many millennia older than both Klingon and Federation. IMHO, Minbari technology is more advance. (Which gives me an idea for a new topic. Thanks!)

Klingons do train as warriors. But they don't practice like the Minbari does as a religion. Most Klingons are too busy drinking, eating and brawling. Hardly proof they're tougher in combat. Its like the difference between a regular Army soldier versus Special Forces (e.g., SEALs, SAS, GSG9, etc.)
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