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I think you guys might be big fans of the original show, and so you're probably biased.
Thanks for inadvertantly pointing out your own bias.
Yes, I like the show, but I also try to be unbiased in life. Someone who defends another person no matter what they do or say isn't necessarily being unbiased.

And guys, not once did I say that Spock has no emotions. But he doesn't show them. Part of being human is the desire to show emotion. If you saw a human walking around for days or weeks or years, rarely if ever showing emotion, you could justifiably ask "What is wrong with you?"

Spock didn't want to show emotions---he felt such displays were illogical or whatever---and that is decidedly a non-human stance.

But I'm done arguing. Some people have no intention of opposing favorite characters that they have, so it's pointless for me to continue. I think, though, that if you look at this issue objectively you will realize that Spock, by his very nature, couldn't have been the 'most human soul' Kirk had encountered, unless Kirk was really shortchanging the multitudinous humans he had known throughout the years.

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