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Re: Visual continuity/Same future, different eyes

TMP was a soft restart to the series- not a re-imagining as JJ put his version. TMP and after continued an existing story line while making visual changes, explaining some, ignoring the reason in others (in the story- not reality).

To actually compare new trek to the rest is really not realistic. It is new. Elements taken from what JJ wanted, good and bad, plus adding new stuff, both good and bad. But they aren't the same. All he's done is rip off ideas, and characters.

NOW- before some of you go ape shit on me here, I am a fan of both the original universe and NEW. I really love it (except for the shit new enterprise design- just a horrible mash of crap) but I can seperate the two universes comfortably and not try to compare one to the other in order to JUSTIFY the changes. It's just what it is.

Plus this thread should be under general Trek discussion since it isn't tech and it transcends both new and old Trek.
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