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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

I'm not even taking burnt bridges into account. He has TWO strikes in WWE. That may not mean anything in TNA, but if WWE wants to appear in the public eye to be taking the health and wellness of their talent seriously, they have no business resigning him and putting him in a position where they'd be setting him up for failure.

I don't recall every seeing Hardy take responsibility for his drug use. He claims to be clean at this point (last I checked), but he's claimed being clean and sober many times before. The guy is (unfortunately) a role-model and he regularly falls back into demonstrating how to be an addict.

If WWE is serious about who their fanbase is and really interested in being seen as the positive influence that it pretends to be when Linda is running for public office, they have no business resigning a guy who shows up to work drunk and or high. The last time they dealt with his drugs abuse in an angle Jeff was the FACE of the program. I mean, really?
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