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"I think Amok Time is the only episode where Sickbay is identified as being on Deck 5, Timo-esque arguments not withstanding "
Hmm...that doesn't answer the question if there is one that identifies Sickbay being on Deck 7.

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"...the change in corridors mean that Kirk has moved quarters yet again! OK, so it's not the last time it ever happens, but it is the 3rd time in 9 episodes and only the 6th appearance!"
Sorry, you got me confused. I go by stardate and production order and Mudd's Women and The Enemy Within (Kirk's quarters have windows) seem to place Kirk's provisional quarters on Deck 12.
Later comes What Are Little Girls Made Of? where we have that odd "in-wall" turbo lift. By that time Kirk has possibly moved to quarters on Deck 5 but these are not yet his regular ones from Season Two and Three (without the adjacent bathroom - maybe that's the reason he tried to keep the provisional quarters as long as possible).

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