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Also, it is having the emotions, not displaying them that makes you Human. Vulcans do have emotions, they just suppress them and prevent themselves from displaying those emotions. This doesn't mean they do not hurt every bit as much as a Human when a friend or a child, a parent or a spouse die, it merely means you are unlikely to see them making a scene about it.

Not sure where this actual belief comes from that Vulcans don't actually have emotions or feelings, rather than suppressing them. Sure many characters have cracked this joke implying Vulcans are unfeeling, but, we know this is not the truth

I actually know several people, who are very emotional, and when sad they hurt very deeply, and can even be paralyzed by how deeply they hurt, but, they don't cry out loud or show tears coming from their eyes. Just because you can't see crying, doesn't mean thy don't hurt just as much, in fact, I think maybe they hurt more, because they aren't able to "Cry it out"
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