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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

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Either way, would he really re-scar himself in order to need the suit? To have Vader back in the iconic suit and have it be Anakin requires a pretty convoluted set of circumstances storywise.
this too! I'd laugh my ass off if they bring Vader back... as Anakin. The character universally hated from the PT. The reaction from all the Vaderheads when the news leaks would be priceless.... especially when they find out he was Gandalf'd by Leia! I can see it now..... Leia: "Han, I'm pregnant...." Han: "That's wonderful!" Leia: "'s not yours. ummmm... the shit just happened out of nowhere! Seriously" Han: "Pack up your shit and get the F out of my Falcon, bitch." How would that be for a curveball? Anyway, the whole idea is ludicrous and will not happen, hence why bother bringing it up?
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