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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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SW:TOR is going free on Thursday, think I'm going to check that out. Not that their system is guaranteed to be any better, might even be worse, but it'll be NEW, and those DEVs haven't made a history out of disappointing and/or (usually and) lying to me.
In TOR you can't even do endgame if you're a free player. At all; only subscribers can do the raids.
True, and with some very big restrictions on gameplay overall. But spending as little as 5 bucks already lifts some of those permanently (buying a game copy from a bargain bin is enough) and playing through all 8 PvE storyline takes literally months!
So even a F2Per will never be out of stuf to do for up to a year. if you are still on it by then and hooked it is even likely you will have subbed by then.
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