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Re: life-extension technology in Star Trek (or lack thereof)

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We don't, as a matter of routine, nor was there a time when it was. Even YOU conceded that it was something that sometimes occurred under unusual circumstances -- bitterly cold winters, overcrowded communities, etc -- but is not and has never been the norm.
Bitterly cold winters and cramped, isolated settlement are the norm rather than the deviation for the classic western lifestyle in the past thousand years. That's where we all came from.
1) That's where EUROPEANS all came from. You may or may not have noticed that Earth isn't Europe.

2) I am pretty sure that seasonal climates other than "bitterly cold winters" existed in Europe 1000 years ago.

3) Isolated communities and OVERCROWDED communities are two very different things.

Having sex in the same room (or the same bed!) where your kids, parents and grandparents slept was indeed quite standard
I'm sure it was in Timoland (Finland?) but even you know that was by no means "standard" as a global norm.

I guess my point is that I praise the consistency between general logic and story logic...
Which is few and far between in TOS. Gideon makes about as much sense from a "general logic" standpoint as the yangs and the cohms, the inexplicable duplicate Miri Earth, and the idea that an entire planet populated mostly by gangsters could /should be unified under the regime of some random guy that Captain Kirk just met six hours ago.

I like to explore the more real-world implications of what's going on there, which on some level is the whole point of the episode anyway.

Who wants a Gideonburger?
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