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Re: Aliens of Trek Lit, Chapter Five - Efrosians!

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If the Efrosians were all blind, that would fit in very well with the idea that their history and culture is based on music and spoken word - if they can't see, they wouldn't have much of a written language, would they? Of course information would be conveyed verbally and musically.
But if they were all blind, why would they have eyes in the first place? That doesn't make sense from an evolutionary standpoint. The idea that they have trouble seeing in our light spectrum because their eyes are adapted to their own world's conditions makes somewhat more sense, except that there wouldn't realistically be much difference in the lighting conditions of most Class-M planets. The one thing I can think of that might make sense would be if they were a nocturnal species and couldn't see well in bright light.
I've assumed that problems relating to poor vision are simply more common among Efrosians than in most humanoid species, perhaps because they were less dependent on sight compared to their other senses and so faults on the genes governing eyesight and the health of the eyes were less likely to be left by the roadside and fail to propagate? Perhaps in the blizzards, etc that defined the climate in which Efrosians developed, sight was less useful than smell or hearing or touch, and survival wasn't tied so strongly to it? Also, perhaps we can assume that those lacking in vision benefitted from the care of the others even if they couldn't contribute much, due to the Efrosian instinct for communal support, and so they survived in spite of their disabilities where in many other young humanoid societies (those less tightly-knit) they might not have? And as a result the modern Efrosians have a higher incidence of problems relating to vision?
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