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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

I liked Skyfall in general and it was very solid as a Bond movie, but it was not all that much better than MI: Ghost Protocol earlier this year. I still think Casino Royale is the best Daniel Craig instalment and best Bond movie in the past quarter of a century. Skyfall nearly vanished up its own backside with its Bond references and borrowed heavily from Chris Nolan movies (like Inception and The Dark Knight, with Silva being a toned down Ledger Joker with better funding).

And people are ripping into Quantum of Solace now, even though it was a relatively decent Bond movie? Quantum of Solace was underwritten and overdirected (a troubled middle simbling in the Craig series so-far), but its villains (though less directly threatening and more blander than Bardem's antagonist) were in some ways more unpleasant, monopolising the vital water supplies in a poor country, being led by billionaire leaders holding secret meetings in plain sight, and having "people everywhere".

QoS had problems, but the TPTB will be throwing the baby out with the bathwater by dumping the Quantum syndicate and Mr. White altogether.

And the CGI giant lizards in that casino pit were as cheesy as that rubber snake in Drax's pool from Moonraker.
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