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Re: Aliens of Trek Lit, Chapter Five - Efrosians!

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If the Efrosians were all blind, that would fit in very well with the idea that their history and culture is based on music and spoken word - if they can't see, they wouldn't have much of a written language, would they? Of course information would be conveyed verbally and musically.
But if they were all blind, why would they have eyes in the first place? That doesn't make sense from an evolutionary standpoint. The idea that they have trouble seeing in our light spectrum because their eyes are adapted to their own world's conditions makes somewhat more sense, except that there wouldn't realistically be much difference in the lighting conditions of most Class-M planets. The one thing I can think of that might make sense would be if they were a nocturnal species and couldn't see well in bright light.

Another point that Over a Torrent Sea brings up about Ra-Havreii is that he is agoraphobic - he's extremely uncomfortable in the open-air locales of the Droplet planet. But I don't see this as being a general trait of all Efrosians. I'm sure I remember something about Efrosian civilization being largely outdoors and built in the trees (almost like the Nasat), and so agoraphobia would be quite unlikely in such a culture. Therefore I think this is just a trait of Ra-Havreii individually.
I don't think I meant for him to be agoraphobic per se, just the kind of person who's more comfortable in a high-tech, clean, controlled environment and is not at all fond of the messiness of nature. And no, I definitely didn't intend it to be a racial trait, just a personal quirk.
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