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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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SW:TOR is going free on Thursday, think I'm going to check that out. Not that their system is guaranteed to be any better, might even be worse, but it'll be NEW, and those DEVs haven't made a history out of disappointing and/or (usually and) lying to me.
In TOR you can't even do endgame if you're a free player. At all; only subscribers can do the raids.

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Just for fun: Syberghost, you're in the know with the Cryptic staff. How do THEY think Season 7 went over? Excited about it? Compared to other ones, this feels like a quiet, 'get it over with' launch. Like they KNOW they're fucking us, and just want it to be done with so we can all move on...
I've been on kind of a break awaiting the new content, and they've been doing their usual "too busy to talk right before the launch, and then everybody's taking a break right after", but I'll try to get some impressions as people start coming back into communication again.

One thing that's happened is that it's already destroyed my fleet; the other "anchors" of our base progression have left for a larger fleet, and I can't make up the difference without spending cash, which I'm already at my self-imposed limit on, so I'm probably going to be taking my main into a new fleet soon.
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