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Really, how could someone so miss the point?

Defining 'human' based on a scale of emotional display.
I think you guys might be big fans of the original show, and so you're probably biased. Willingness to sacrifice oneself is a human quality, but other members of Kirk's crew surely would have done the same. And again, part of the overall picture of being human is the desire to laugh, and smile, and get angry, and sad, and so on. For the most part, Spock didn't do any of that.

Would you honestly think Picard would be justified in insisting that Data was the most human soul he ever encountered? Of course you wouldn't. Or Sisko saying this about Odo? Again, of course you wouldn't.

Having personality is part of being human. Someone who has, for the most part, a bland or non-existent personality, can't really be said to be 'fully human.'
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